Eleiko XF Set
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Eleiko XF Set

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The Eleiko XF Bumper Set is a convenient way to get everything you need for multi-purpose strength and endurance training, especially if you anticipate doing a variety of lifts that include high volume workouts. The set includes the Eleiko XF NxG Bar – your choice of 15 kg or 20kg – along with a set of XF bumpers ranging from 45 to 10 pounds, a set of Vulcano change plates and lock jaw collars.

ABOUT THE BAR: The Eleiko XF Bar is everything you love about our specialized weightlifting bars, but with less aggressive knurling. You still get the same whip and performance Eleiko is known for, but you’ll save your hands and thumbs a bit of grief when doing high volume sessions. A jack of all trades, this bar is perfect if you are looking for a great general purpose functional training bar.

ABOUT THE DISCS: The Eleiko XF Bumper is incredibly quiet and durable, designed for tough training and rough environments. Eleiko’s compressed soft yet durable rubber offers fantastic sound dampening and shock absorption. Pair it with the XF or SVR Platform for even more noise and vibration reduction. These bumpers are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use standing up to the tough environment outdoors, yet safe on your floors indoor. Bumpers are only available in pounds and disc sets are paired with the Vulcano change plates.



Included Products


Eleiko XF Bar, 20 kg


Eleiko XF Bar, 15 kg


Eleiko XF Discs:
2 x 45 lb
2 x 35 lb
2 x 25 lb
2 x 15 lb
2 x 10 lb

Change Plates

Vulcano Change Plates:
2 x 10 lb
2 x 5 lb
2 x 2.5 lb


Lock Jaw Collars, 1 pair