In our 60 years, we have had the privilege of helping to shape the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting. We have grown to support diverse communities looking to train for strength, power, and speed, and provide the best products and services to fitness facilities, as well as functional and strength training facilities across the world. We have more than 40 world championships under our lifting belts, have equipped 5 Olympic games, hundreds of competitions, and helped athletes from a wide range of professional and collegiate sports prepare to do their best when it counts. We also realize that for many who train on Eleiko, when it counts is day to day life. Being strong and able to do the things you want to do with confidence and freedom, knowing your body is capable and ready to do your best. So, it is with no less pride or commitment to excellence we equip facilities and individuals helping to build a stronger world.       


Eleiko was first certified by the IWF in 1969, and has proudly supported the organization and helped grow the sport of weightlifting since then. To date, we have equipped 42 IWF world championship events, and are preparing to do so once again in Anaheim at the end of this year. We anticipate 2017 will be an incredible year for Eleiko and IWF athletes as we are committed to providing equipment that will best support the event and its athletes in pursuit of their goals.

In addition to competitive weightlifting, Eleiko has long been the equipment of choice for anyone looking for superior performance, quality, and craftsmanship. We have built a reputation for having the best bars in the business, one preferred by lifters across the globe and recognized for the superb and special “Eleiko Feeling” – a combined effect of the strong yet flexible proprietary steel which gives our bars optimal spring, the firm but not to sharp grip of our knurling and the smooth performance of our sleeves.  It’s a feeling and performance you appreciate whether you are smashing world records, or setting a new personal best.


Eleiko has a long history of supporting the Powerlifting community, from athletes training for their respective sports to powerlifters competing on the world stage setting records and accomplishing lifts that to most are unimaginable. Eleiko’s range of powerlifting lifting equipment is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of powerlifters, while remaining true to our core values of quality, craftsmanship and performance. Our powerlifting bars are distinctive, featuring a stiffer design, sharper grip, and longer sleeves. The longer sleeve coupled with our thin cast iron discs allow you to load up the bar with more discs so you can nail even heavier lifts.


Eleiko was chosen as the exclusive supplier to the 2014 IPF Men’s and Women’s World Powerlifting Championships in Aurora, USA, following a highly competitive selection process involving several international IPF certified companies. Eleiko was chosen by the Aurora 2014 organizing committee because of its ability to provide world class products, service, and support throughout the whole event. The event featured Eleiko’s own range of IPF certified powerlifting products, including benches, and stands, barbells, discs, collars, platforms, storage solutions and accessories. Aurora 2014 was a huge success with many world records set using Eleiko equipment during the event.


That last decades have seen increasing popularity of functional and performance driven training, as well as a resurgence in weightlifting and increasing interest in the sport from a more diverse population. It is an exciting time, and Eleiko is thrilled to be part of this growth and supporting a sport and training style we are passionate about.

The National Pro Grid League – which turns functional training into a competitive sport – selected Eleiko to be their official equipment supplier. CrossFit boxes across Europe turn to Eleiko for their equipment needs, and we even hosted the European Regional many years ago, and supplied equipment for countless competitions and throw-downs across Europe.

Certified Eleiko Facilities and Eleiko lifting corners here in the US and in Europe give athletes and functional fitness enthusiasts access to the world’s best equipment – from barbells to kettlebells and everything in between.


Coaches want only the best for their athletes. To give athletes tools and facilities so they can train hard, train smart and perform their best when it counts. Today’s student athletes are serious athletes, with high expectations and big ambitions. They train hard, play hard and perform their best, and need to maintain a high level of strength and conditioning throughout the year. In a competitive recruiting environment, facilities and equipment make a difference. And knowing all of this, coaches turn to Eleiko. Our diverse product range – Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Functional Fitness - coupled with our ability to make facilities not only stand out, but shine with custom detailing along with our well-earned reputation for quality and performance - backed by the Eleiko guarantee - make Eleiko the coaches’ choice.

Eleiko is the official bar of the CSCCa - Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association and we have equipped numerous facilities including the University of Texas, University of Southern California, University of Minnesota, Cal State Berkeley, Louisiana State University, and Cornell University to name a few.


An Eleiko Certified Facility, SPS is a 9000-square foot space featuring 12 lifting platforms, a permanent competition platform, along with a recovery center. The powerlifting area is equipped with three power racks and convertible bench/squat racks, and features Eleiko powerlifting bars built to handle heavy weights and chromed weight discs ensuring ample space on the bar for heavy loads. SPS’s aim is to create an experience that matches the Eleiko standard. From a coach's evaluation upon joining, members are given personalized progressions, along with stability and mobility work to complement the strength program ensuring members are set up for long term progress. Everything was built to give athletes and clients all the tools needed to succeed.

"From the beginning, we've focused on what's best for our athletes and clients by excelling in five areas: facilities, equipment, restitution, education and results. Our partnership with Eleiko makes this visibly clear immediately when you walk through the doors at Speed Power Strength." - Mike Jenkins, owner.

ELEIKO is strength.
And we provide strength essentials to anyone wanting to perform their best.

We believe in the pursuit of outstanding performance.

We believe in bringing your best to everything you do.

We approach our product development, customer service, and education with that in mind.

We are inspired by those who seek growth; those who are curious, open minded and driven.

We are inspired by anyone with the courage to try, to fail, to persist and succeed.

We believe in learning from your experiences.

We believe in kindness, and think it reflects true strength.

We believe strong is happy.

We believe in setting the bar high, being kind and doing more of what makes you stronger.