Our Quality


The most famous bar in the world, the Eleiko bar, is produced by skilled craftsmen using special Swedish steel. Every bar, irrespective of whether it is used for training or competition, is a result of skilled craftsmanship from the lathing of the tracks of the sleeves to the final assembling.

A Stringent Quality Procedure

Every Eleiko bar manufactured undergoes a stringent quality control procedure. Every stage of the production is scrutinised to ensure that it upholds the highest standards. For example, each bar is placed in a vice and bent with a hydraulic jack subjecting it to a force of 1500 kg. The bar must spring back to an exact straightness with a maximum deviation of no more than 0.5 mm. No bar will ever be bent that much in competition or training. If any bar fails to pass our strict requirements it will be discarded and scrapped!

Signed by the Craftsman in Control

As the utter proof that the Eleiko bar has passed through our craftsmen’s stringent quality controls, it is furnished with information about date of production, batch number, serial number and the craftsman in control. After that it is packed in high-quality, custom-made packaging – all this so as not to risk delays or damages during transport. That is what we call a good piece of craftsmanship. Don’t you?