XF 80 Double Half Rack - Black
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XF 80 Double Half Rack - Black

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The Eleiko XF 80 Double Half Rack delivers two lifting stations and a wide variety of training possibilities within a compact footprint so facilities can maximize their training spaces. The rack features storage for discs and bars, rubber band hooks, safety arms, j-cups and a chins handle for pull-ups. Outfit the rack with any XF 80 fitness attachment or storage solution to create highly versatile and adaptive training space.


1x XF 80 Double Half Rack Frame - black
2x XF 80 PR Pull Up Bar - black
2x XF 80 Safety Arms (Pair) - black
2x XF 80 Barbell Storage - black
2x Rubber Band Attachments/Storage Pair - black
2x XF 80 J-Cup (pair) - black


ARTICLE CODE: 3062719-03

LENGTH: 2100 mm / 82.68 in.

WIDTH: 1890 mm / 74.41 in.

HEIGHT: 2370 mm / 93.31 in.

WEIGHT: 361,6 kg / 797.19 lbs

WARRANTY: 6 months-10 years