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The Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Set is a convenient way to easily set up for a sanctioned powerlifting competition or outfit your training areas with a curated collection of our best powerlifting products. The set includes our IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar, a set of collars, along with a large range of discs and a change plates so you can load up your bar and lift heavy.

ABOUT THE BARS: The Eleiko Powerlifting Bars are extremely strong bars for extremely strong people. Made with one of the world's purest steels, Eleiko Powerlifting bars are exceptionally strong with resilient bronze bushings engineered to withstand loads up to 3300 lbs. A proprietary steel treatment adds strength and flexibility, ensuring the bar snaps back to perfect form after every use. We put a lot of thought into the perfect grip for powerlifting, and the result is sure to please. It is aggressive and sharp, ensuring your grip will hold even when going for your max lifts. This bar is perfect for someone who trains primarily powerlifting movements, squat, bench press and deadlift. This bar is an all bushing bar and would not be appropriate for performing the snatch or the clean and jerk.

ABOUT THE DISCS: The IPF certified EleikoPowerlifting Competition Discs are elegantly designed, made of cast iron with a thin profile so you can load up the bar for huge and heavy lifts. Discs come in Eleiko’s unique Powerlifting palette featuring the Olympic color coding, so you can train as you compete - with quality.


Included Products
Eleiko IPF Competition Bar, 20 kg
Eleiko IPF Competition Disc: 
12 x 25 kg
2 x 20 kg
2 x 15 kg
2 x 10 kg
Change Plates
Eleiko Competition Metal Disc:
2 x 5 kg
2 x 2.5 kg
2 x 1.25 kg
4 x 0.5 kg
2 x 0.25 kg
Collars Eleiko IPF Competition Collars, 2.5 kg, 1 pair
Other None