Eleiko Classic Olympic Flat Bench - Charcoal/Black
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Eleiko Classic Olympic Flat Bench - Charcoal/Black

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Designed with both the user and facility in mind the bench combines user-friendly features with smart details to ensure safety and minimize maintenance. Bar hooks include a unique durable roller so athletes can shift the bar once weighted which also protects the bar and hooks. Integrated storage keeps weights conveniently at hand and the lifting area clutter free. Hidden bolt down holes maintains sleek appearance while providing added stability to ensure safety. The cushions are covered in a supple, durable synthetic leather and the piece has a smooth surface finish so it is easy to keep clean and maintain.


ARTICLE CODE: 3061757-060

LENGTH: 1640 mm / 64.57 in.

WIDTH: 1720 mm / 67.72 in.

HEIGHT: 1250 mm / 49.21 in.

WEIGHT: 80 kg / 176.37 lbs

WARRANTY: 6 months-10 years