Ray Orlando Williams joins the Eleiko Team as Eleiko Ambassador

Ray Orlando Williams joins the Eleiko Team as Eleiko Ambassador

Chicago, Illinois, January 13, 2017 – Eleiko Sport, Inc., the premier manufacturer of strength and weightlifting equipment today announced Ray Orlando Williams will be joining the Eleiko Ambassador for a Stronger World program.

“At Eleiko we believe in both strength and kindness, and Ray Williams truly embodies these traits like no other,” said Rickard Blomberg, President of Eleiko Sport, Inc. “His incredible powerlifting accomplishments aside, Ray is passionate and committed to supporting community youth and living proof of all you can achieve when you work hard and are committed to a goal.” 

Ray William’s accomplishments in the sport of powerlifting are many, including being a three time SHW World Champion in the Open division, and the current holder of the American and World Records in the squat, deadlift, and combined total. He may be most recognized for being the first person to break the 1,000-pound threshold in competition at an IPF raw standard even, where with no suit and no knee wraps, Williams un-racked the bar, walked it out and performed a squat with 1000 pounds on the bar. 

Originally from Demopolis Alabama, Ray Williams found powerlifting after college looking for ways to continue to train and push himself. Once he discovered anyone could compete and participate in the sport, he jumped at the opportunity to challenge himself and grow and has been training and competing ever since. Ray Williams currently lives in Mississippi where he is a defensive line coach for Itawamba Community College. In addition, he volunteers his time and talent to local youth interested in weight lifting, coaching several high school students in his community. 

“I am honored and excited to be part of the Eleiko Ambassador program and appreciate its mission of building a stronger world,” said Ray Williams. “I believe without our youth, we have no future. With Eleiko’s support I can continue my efforts helping to strengthen our world by focusing on our youth teaching them the importance of health and fitness. Showing them you need to be strong in body and spirit, and sharing that motivation and working hard are traits that will take you far.” 

About the Ambassador for a Stronger World
Eleiko created the ambassador program to support and recognize athletes performing at the top of their game, while demonstrating the characteristics we value as an organization. Those values include constant growth, the pursuit of excellence, of being your best, being kind and being a good role model to help promote the sport of weightlifting. Our aim is to grow the sport, and to encourage people to train and grow stronger. Together with our ambassadors, we want to inspire the next generation of lifters, and show that weightlifting and functional training is a sport for anyone. We believe Strong is Happy. And we want to help Make a Stronger World. 

About Eleiko
Proudly made in Sweden by skilled craftsmen since 1957, Eleiko bars and strength equipment continue to be the leading products in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting.  Eleiko products are delivered to over 180 countries and are used to equip the world’s largest events, including the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships in Houston and the 2012 Olympic Games in London and more than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko bar. Eleiko is headquartered in Halmstad, Sweden, and employs people across offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Russia, and the USA.

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If you would like more information or have questions regarding the Eleiko Ambassador program or our partnership with Ray Williams please contact Rickard Blomberg at + 1 866 447 9441 or email rickard.blomberg@eleiko.com

“Photos by Jace Angelo - all rights reserved”

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