Do More of What Makes You Stronger: The Eleiko Barbell Story by Barbell Shrugged

Eleiko Sport had the pleasure of having the team from Barbell Shrugged ( visit the Eleiko factory in Sweden. They came out with this great episode that they call Do More Of What Makes You Stronger: The Eleiko Barbell Story, where you will get an inside look at the way that Eleiko makes the world's most famous barbells, the history of Eleiko, an interview with Eleiko CEO Erik Blomberg, and coaching tips from resident Eleiko coach Anders Lindsjö. 


"This week on Barbell Shrugged we have a very special episode for you. We fly half-way around the world to Sweden to find out how the world’s finest barbells are made.

Here’s a hint – It takes a lot more than just great steel.

We didn’t know what to expect when we first landed in Halmstad, the small west coast town that Eleiko calls home. Of course the weather would be cold, and we guessed there would be large warehouses stacked high with chrome bars, heavy discs and lots manufacturing equipment. That all turned out to be true, but it doesn’t really explain much about Eleiko’s success.

The real story is that it takes much more to be world-class. In this case, you need a true family effort to keep getting stronger and better year after year.

Great business are anchored in passion and love. They usually have a long history of experiment and refinement, and very tight standards that only seem to get higher and higher with time.

I cannot think of a better way to summarize the Eleiko story.

Yes, you need the strongest steel and precise manufacturing processes to make a great bar, but without amazing, driven people you have nothing. This business is all about family, and that famous knurled steel lies right at the heart of it.

We had an amazing time with our new Eleiko family. But much more than that, I can now say that we are leaving Sweden with a brand new definition of what it means to be strong.

The best equipment is indeed born from the strongest steel, but the real secret is everything else. It’s the intricacy of the knurling. The fine finish and spin of the collars. The incredible precision, balance, and fit between every single component. And most importantly, it’s the craftsman taking ultimate pride in the manufactured result.

That family effort makes Eleiko equipment world class. That’s what makes champions.

Our expectations are now raised. We can work harder and get better. We can give more. Really, we still have a lot of room to get stronger. It’s amazing, but after all these years the barbell still has plenty to teach us. The Eleiko mission statement says it all.

“Set your bar high, be kind, and do more of what makes you stronger.”

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