Eleiko announces the ELEIKO LIFTING AREA at Crossfit Union Square

Eleiko Sport has partnered with RhinoCo Fitness and opened an Eleiko Lifting Area at the newly opened CrossFit Union Square in New York City. The Eleiko Lifting Area is a first class lifting facility featuring three fully equipped platforms with Eleiko Competition bars and discs. This creates a space for members interested in training with top lifting equipment in one of the world's busiest cities. The Coaching Team at the CrossFit Union Square include several highly successful functional fitness athletes, so members will not only get access to great equipment, but also tips and advice from the best coaches in the industry. 
See pictures below of this amazing space. Contact Eleiko Sport USA if you are interested in finding out more about how you can create an Eleiko Lifting Area in your facility. 

About Crossfit Union Square

CrossFit Union Square is an Elite-Level CrossFit box designed to stand above the average gym. The training programs are designed to meet the needs of all members regardless of fitness level. Alongside two-time World's Fittest Woman Annie Thorisdottir, their coaching staff will deliver proper emphasis on form and safe movements. Their goal is to inspire you to become better every day. 

About RhinoCo Fitness
Their mission at RhinoCo is to create one world encompassing the full circle of wellness: fitness, nutrition, and recovery. Through their passion and dedication they believe everyone can charge to success. Their vision is driven by those factors that lead to the improvement of mankind. The full circle of wellness is when Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery are delivered at the highest degree. Their values are based on their passion to bring innovation through the full circle of wellness to our community, while having fun and creating the ultimate fitness environment.

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